Infrastructure Bill Pulls Billions from EIDL Loan & Grant Programs

-The Senate announced a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that would make use of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program, which currently holds roughly $30 billion in unspent funds.

-The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act would claw back $13.5 billion from the EIDL program, and another $17.6 billion in affiliated grants for businesses in low-income areas to provide more funding for the infrastructure bill

Housing Debt Jumps $15 Trillion in Latest Quarter

-The fastest growth of debt since 2007 (Last downturn)

-Mortgage loan originations over the past year have totaled $4.6 Trillion, which equates to 44% of all outstanding home loan balances

CDC Eviction Moratorium is in place until October 3, 2021

-CDC uses resurgence of COVID-19 to put the ban in place

-New order could be challenged in Courts due to the legal position of the US Supreme Court

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