Private lending for realtors is one of the best ways to expand your business and offer better products and services to your clients. However, it can also be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing or who you are dealing with. This article will cover everything from private lenders, how they work, and how to find a reliable one for your business.

What is Private Lending?

Private lending is a way for realtors to get money for their clients. Private lenders are individuals or companies that provide funding in the form of loans, often with low-interest rates and flexible terms. The money provided by private lenders can be used for any number of purposes, but most commonly, it’s put toward purchasing a home.

Private lenders can be more flexible than traditional banks, making them a good option for real estate agents who need to help their clients quickly close on a property.

Underwriting criteria for private loans are usually similar to those for conventional mortgages, but private lenders can use other forms of credit to approve borrowers. They may be more willing to consider a borrower’s credit score, income, and other factors when determining the loan-to-value ratio.

What are the benefits of going with a private lender vs. traditional banks?

There are many benefits to working with a private lender. First and foremost, they’re willing to work with you on your terms. Banks have strict rules about what they will or won’t do when it comes to lending money; this means that if you don’t fit into their box (i.e., have perfect credit), then there’s no way they’ll approve your loan application.

Private lenders often have more flexibility in their underwriting process. They can make exceptions for clients who may not fall within traditional banking guidelines due to lousy credit history or other extenuating circumstances such as bankruptcy or foreclosure filings in the past seven years (or more). They can also use other income requirements that traditional banks are unwilling to utilize.

What are the risks involved with private lending for realtors and their clients?

A few risks are involved with private lending for realtors and their clients.

  • The lender could be unreliable or a scammer. While plenty of trustworthy private lenders are out there, you’ll want to research before choosing one. You can use sites like Yelp and Google Reviews to determine what people think about the lender’s business practices, ethics, and customer service skills. Be sure not just to look at reviews posted by people who had positive experiences (this can be deceptive) but also those who had negative ones as well–they may provide valuable insight into how this business operates behind closed doors!
  • The lender could be unprofessional or dishonest in any number of ways: from charging hidden fees at closing time (or even at prepurchase), overcharging interest rates based on credit score alone without factoring in other factors such as income level/debt ratio/etc., etc… You get the idea! Both sides must know precisely what they’re getting themselves into before agreeing upon terms – so make sure everyone understands exactly what kind of deal they’re signing up for beforehand so no surprises come back later when all parties have moved together towards finalizing transaction details.”


If you’re a Realtor, no matter how long you’ve been in business or where your career is going next, private lending can help your clients achieve their goals. With lenders like us at Lending Opportunities working with experienced agents such as yourself, people who want to buy homes but lack the necessary financing will have an option they didn’t know existed before!

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