You want to build a house, but you do not know where to start. Well look no further we will share with you a realistic time frame and any potential delays that could slow you down in getting your keys. Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. Let’s get started on how you can build a house in 2021!

Average Time it Takes to Build a New House

The average time to build a house is around 7 months. It takes an average of 10-12 weeks just for the construction process and 4+ months for building the house.

Average Construction Time by Region

The average construction time depends on the climate and how quickly the local workforce can be brought in. In hotter climates, such as Florida, construction may need to be started in January in order to finish by December. In colder climates, such as Boston, work will probably need to begin in March or April with the house being built by November or December.

What are some factors that affect how long it takes to build a new house?

* The size of the house: The bigger the home, the more time it takes to complete.

* The location of the site: Homes built in urban areas are less expensive than those with remote locations.

* Construction materials used: Skilled labor is required for homes that use stone and brick. Ensure your builder has the necessary skilled personnel to build your house

* The climate of the area: In colder climates, the construction process may need to be started earlier in the year since it will take longer to complete.

* Intricate Details: Homes that have more intricate details are going to cost significantly more than homes with simple designs.

How long does it take to build a house
A complete house design speeds up the building process!

Are there any ways to speed up how long it takes to build a house?

* Hire a reputable builder. Homeowners should conduct a background check on the builder they choose to hire. It is also important to review how long the builder has been in business as well as how many houses they have built. When it comes time to sign the contract, homeowners should be aware that builders can take up to 60 days to sign a contract.

* Get the right plans. Homeowners should choose how they want their house to look prior to hiring a builder and then choose which plan most closely resembles that vision. Custom houses take longer than houses built on a pre-set design since no two custom designs are ever exactly alike.

* Review how the blueprints are being drawn. If the person drawing up the plans is subcontracting out, it may take longer to get things accomplished.

* Use prefabricated materials. The middleman for materials that are pre-fabricated will be eliminated, which means completing the construction process quicker. In addition, there won’t be any need for custom work since it is already made offsite and ready to be delivered.

* Centralize how the house is being built and make one master schedule. One common mistake new construction homeowners make is having their contractor take care of individual sub-contractors for each aspect of the project, rather than dealing with just a few main ones. This can lead to delays in how long it takes to build a house.

Pre-Construction and Permits

Factors like approval on building permits and inspections can vary between locations. In some places, it could take a year to get approved for construction while in others it might take a year to get the building permit. It is advisable to inquire how long this process will take prior to deciding on if you will be moving forward.

* Permits: The cost of permits and how long they will take vary depending on the location of a house, how big it is, and how intricate the design is. In addition, there may be other additional fees that are not covered by the building permit fee. And depending on your local utility providers there could be connection fees on top of your permit fees.

Building a House
Building your dream house

Potential Delays in the Building Process

The timeline for you to build a house can include some margin for possible delays. This could be due to the availability of materials, weather conditions, and other factors.

Construction can stretch out the time it takes to build a house. It is estimated that construction will take up 40% of the total building timeline.

How to Shorten the Building Time

Planning is the most important way to shorten the building time. If you are planning ahead, it will definitely be faster and easier for you to complete the project.

Lead time for products such as windows and doors, often vary from region to region. This is due to the complexity of these items and their varying manufacturing processes. Understanding lead times for products is the key to shortening the building time of your home.

A weekly site walk is a great way to keep the building process on track. It’s a quick and easy way to see what needs to be done and what’s already completed. This process will help to shorten the building time.


In summary, there are many factors that affect how long it will take to build a house. These include how big the house is, how complicated the design is, how far away from an urban area it is, and what materials are being used. One way to speed up how long it takes is by creating accurate plans for your house so that there aren’t any missteps during construction. In addition, you can use prefabricated materials instead of ones that require skilled labor which will also speed up how long the building process will take.

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